Unique Sticky Notes for your Office

Perfect for marketing campaigns, giveaways, promos and more!

Everybody loves a freebie! As company owners, it is important that our partners, clients, and target audience feels appreciation and generosity from us. This generosity doesn’t have to cost you the earth, though. Simple gestures and giveaways as part of your marketing campaign or promotion can mean the difference between making an impression on your audience, and them forgetting your name completely.

One of the most effective and affordable promotional giveaways is branded sticky notes. Providing not just a handy bit of stationery around the office, they also provide a platform for your company to advertise to the user constantly without bombarding them so that they lose interest. Branded sticky notes are a clever and subtle marketing strategy that will be welcomed and appreciated by the receiver.

A never ending variety of custom sticky notes available

It is easy to find sticky notes to hand out to your target audience or employees, however, finding the perfect design, shape, print, and finish is the key to creating an effective marketing tool. Choosing a reputable provider of branded sticky notes is imperative in ensuring the quality of your product is maintained. They will also provide a higher level of service and choice when it comes to your product selection.

Choose from an array of shapes including traditional squares to custom cuts to suit your business (in the light bulb business? Why not create light bulb shaped sticky notes!) Colour is also important, so you need to ensure you’re choosing something that reflects your business, but will also capture the attention of the user. Quality printing or embossing is also important as your logo/business name is what you want people to remember! Choose the experts in branded sticky notes for all your office promotional stationery needs, and create a marketing tool that will benefit your business, not blow your budget.

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Cecelia works as professional graphic designer for a fast growing creative studio in Sydney. Her design skills and innovative promotional ideas allowed her to work with some of the largest companies in Australia. Read more about her company here.

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